How to: Micollab Calendar integration

Here are some links i found in the manaual etc that have helped me with Calendar integration

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Micollab : Nupoint call detailed recording (CDR)

You want to turn on CDR reporting but the manual advises to choose options that are not available.

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How to solve DB corruption

We have all seen the dreaded DB corruption Major alarm

When i have seen this in the past i have been advised, by Mitel, to backup and restore the DB.

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Help with MBG SIP traces – Wireshark display filters

I dont’t know why i didnt research this before but you can look for calls by the CLI using the wireshark display filters

  • show SIP packets to/from this number: sip contains 01684595000
  • show SIP packets to this number: sip.To contains 01684595000
  • show SIP packets from this number: sip.From contains 01684595000

So instead of serching through an endless list of calls for the one you are looking for

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