Help with Micollab problem report / feedback.log

When you have issues with a Micollab client Mitel will ask you for the logs from the server and the client. What log files to check before sending them to Mitel?

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Help with SDS errors

The controller shows an SDS error with User ID ref and Hosted User GUID ref. Do i have to enable SDS debug again and search for it or is there a quicker way?

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MIVB database corruption logs

The MIVB/vMIVB is showing a database corruption alarm and you have decided to perform a backup and restore.

Once it’s completed how do yo know what parts of the DB were corrupt and not restored?

You check this log.

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Where can i download the Micollab PC client application from?

  • The Micollab clients location is included in the welcome email or the deployment email as long as the email template has been editied by the installer to include the link
  • You can also download it direct from your Micollab server
  • The Legacy app (version 7.3 and below) is available from https://FQDN/ucs/dl/UnifiedCommunicatorAdvanced.msi (CaSe SeNsItIve)
  • The Next Gen app (version 8.0 and above) is available from https://FQDN/ucs/dl/micollab_pc.msi (CaSe SeNsItIve)
  • Skype for business plugin – https://FQDN/ucs/dl/MitelMivoiceForLync.msi (CaSe SeNsItIve)

Micollab: Voicemail to email troubleshooting.

After adding your email server IP/FQDN in email settings you have left some test voicemails but no email arrives!

You check the “qmail.current” log under “View log files” and find the issue, whew. How ever, now you are left with lots of failed voicemail to email messages in the qmail buffer which you dont want to be sent to the users

How do i delete unwanted emails from the qmail queues?

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