Oaisys “thebeast” error

If while installing the Oaisys client you recieve the below error you can check out the Oaisys help document.

But that i found was i got this error when using Google Chrome, to access the Oaisys server, but not when using Internet explorer!



Visual voice in MiCollab client and NUpoint

Just had an issue where some of the MiCollab clients could not see their voicemails in the visual voice window.

I knew I had it set correctly as all accounts were using same licenses and FCOS

The client icon would change in the system tray and a tape reel icon would appear in the top right hand of the client but know message in the window

Besides this issue the client worked fine

What I eventually found out was that all clients that were working had Windows Media Player installed. WMP.

I saw in the release notes that it is a pre-requisite

The “N” version of windows does not have MWP installed in default but I believe you can add it on manually

The version the customer had was “Enterprise” but it had no WMP. May be a custom install image was used.

How to setup MiCollab to sync with Active Directory

If you would like to sync your MCD and MiCollab server with Active Directory you will need to set up….

Mas AD sync1

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