TIM Call logger SMDR options for 3300

Configuring your SMDR output

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Oaisys E1 Audio PCI-E board

Found some useful settings today which i don’t think are in the manual.

There is a control applet in the control panel.

audio board 1


With this you can change the card from T1 to E1, aswell as some codec options.

If you leave the card in default it will show T1 Oaisys.

To change to E1 ports you need to open the applet and set as below.

audio card control 1

audio card control 2

audio card control 3

audio card control 4


Install SQL 2012 Express for Oaisys

Just a reminder to my self that you need to install SQL 2012 ADV express because the basic version does not have the “full test search” feature.

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