Micollab Deployment test mcdiagnostics.easydeploy.net

When running a diagnostic test on the deployment profile it does three tests. The third test is checking for connection from to your micollab server on TCP port 36008 (through your MBG web proxy possibly)

You can test this manually via web browsing to this URL: https://mcdiagnostics.easydeploy.net/ucawebsocket/?ucahost=The FQDN of the Micollab server

e.g. https://mcdiagnostics.easydeploy.net/ucawebsocket/?ucahost=micollab.pmhaynes.co.uk

The web page should show “{“msg”:”(200 OK)”}” Anything else means the connection is blocked

e.g “Incomplete response received from application” is a response i got when the port was blocked by the firewall

Micollab SDS issues: How to Stop SDS and start from scratch

  1. Use the following to stop sharing:-
    To stop sharing from MiCollab:
    a. Log into the MiCollab linux shell, via SSH or local console using the root account.
    b. Run the following command from the linux prompt: /usr/mas/bin/sds-utility –stop-sharing
  2. Stop MoM-server & SDSCC service
    a. Log in to putty using ‘root’
    b. At command prompt type ‘Service mom-server stop’ and hit enter.
    c. At command prompt type ‘Service sdscc stop’ and hit enter.
  3. Drop SDSCC schema. Go to SQL prompt by first command and execute second for schema drop
    a. At command prompt type ‘ chpst -u postgres psql -d mitel_db ‘ and hit enter.
    b. At command prompt type ‘ drop schema sdsccschem
    a cascade; ‘ and hit enter.
    c. When command completes and returns command prompt type ‘ \q’ and hit enter to exit to Linux prompt.
  4. Start SDSCC service, after SDSCC start MoM-server
    a. At command prompt type ‘Service sdscc start’ and hit enter.
    b At command prompt type ‘Service mom-server start’ and hit enter.
  5. Log into the System Administration of a MiVoice Business element.
  6. Go to Maintenance and Diagnostics – Maintenance Commands and use removene {network element} to delete the network element.
  7. To start sharing again:
  8. Readd the Network element and click Start Sharing and confirm OK.
    Verify the sharing and synchronization completes successfully and if instructed, log into the MiCollab server and observe the red banner directing a run of the Reconcile Wizard to align the data