Standalone-NuPoint to NuPoint-MiCollab migration

In the release notes for MiCollab version there is a small section on migrating standalone nupoint to micllab nupoint

It appears there are some scripts but these are available from Mitel professional services. Not freely downloadable

How to copy mailbox Name or Greeting recording to use on a new server

How to copy mailbox Name or Greeting recording to use on a Nupoint new server

Mitel Tech document # HO2013

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How to: Extract Greetings from Call Director


1. Log into NPM as root via putty.
2. Navigate to /usr/vm/val5/Callflows using “cd /usr/vm/val5/Callflows”
3. Use cat command to view callflow that contains greeting you want using “cat mbox_XXXX.xml” where XXXX in mailbox number.
1. Log into NPM as root via winscp.
2. Navigate to ” /usr/vm/val5/Callflows/ ” .
3. Find callflow you are trying to copy greeting from (they are in form “mbox_XXXX.xml” where XXXX is mailbox number) and right click and select Edit.
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MWI tool on MAS/Nupoint

Useful tool to turn on/off MWI lamps from the MAS/Nupoint console.

Logon to MAS via putty  – if you don’t know how, see my other post

Instead of logging on as “admin” use “root” with the same password

type – “slight”

It will prompt you for a mailbox number

You can then turn light on, off, and set to current value.

In another  putty window you can use command “vccs -m”

This will show you live commands being sent to the phone system