Micollab : Nupoint call detailed recording (CDR)

You want to turn on CDR reporting but the manual advises to choose options that are not available.

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How to : Retrieve voicemail messages from a Micollab backup

Rarely you need to un-delete a voicemail message. Or maybe you need to migrate users from one nupoint to another but not restore the whole backup

If you have a backup file from the Nupoint or Micollab then you can extract it from here

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Micollab: Voicemail to email FCOS options required

After adding feature 289 to the FCOS for your user you expected voicemail to email to work. Not with out these extra options!

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Micollab: Voicemail to email troubleshooting.

After adding your email server IP/FQDN in email settings you have left some test voicemails but no email arrives!

You check the “qmail.current” log under “View log files” and find the issue, whew. How ever, now you are left with lots of failed voicemail to email messages in the qmail buffer which you dont want to be sent to the users

How do i delete unwanted emails from the qmail queues?

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How to: Extract Greetings from Call Director


1. Log into NPM as root via putty.
2. Navigate to /usr/vm/val5/Callflows using “cd /usr/vm/val5/Callflows”
3. Use cat command to view callflow that contains greeting you want using “cat mbox_XXXX.xml” where XXXX in mailbox number.
1. Log into NPM as root via winscp.
2. Navigate to ” /usr/vm/val5/Callflows/ ” .
3. Find callflow you are trying to copy greeting from (they are in form “mbox_XXXX.xml” where XXXX is mailbox number) and right click and select Edit.
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