Message Waiting Indication(MWI) not working

Users are complaining that the Message indication lamp is not lit when they know they have unread voicemails!

If you have checked my other posts around MWI here and can see the nupoint is sending the command to light the lamp but the lamp is not being lit or extinguished then yo may have a blockage in the MWI queue

Putty in to the Micollab/nupoint witht he root user. If you dont know how, check this post

Change directory to /usr/local/vm/mwla/28

Then type ll *

This should show a foler called processing with total 0, ready with total 0 and retry with total 0.

If it doesnt then you might have a blockage

change directory to processing and list the contents with command ls

Make a note of the mailbox numbers shown as these may be the cause ofthe blockage

You are then safe to delete these files with command rm *

do the same for folder retry and ready

After they are deleted you will need to restart restart the MWI service

Find the Plid of the service using command ps -ef | grep mitaiMWI (case sensitive)

Note the plid number displayed

To kill that plid use command kill -9 <plid number>

See the officail Mitel docuemt for more details and pics

Document ID SO3761

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