How to create a support package for CCM MiContact Centre

Mitel support will ask you for a “support Package” when you log a call for the CCM / MiContact Centre.

I could not find a document on how to do this and don’t remember it being covered on training.

EDIT: A kind person provided a link to the official how to 

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MCD Maximum SMDR connections

How many SMDR connections can i have to the MCD

We have come accross some sites where they have a CCM and a Call logger and a Voice recorder which all connect on port 1752 to the SMDR

When you try an connect a second CCM the SMDR connections fails.


In default MCD version 5 (think its higher in version 7) is set to allow 3 connections

SMDR set to 3

As it says below in the help file this can be changed to 10. Requires a reboot.


smdr connects change