How do i find the IPEI number on a 5602 handset?

  • There are a list of Admin short-codes in the manual
  • To find the IPEI number dial *#06# even if the handset is not yet registered
  • Other useful codes=
    1. Software version *#34#
    2. Hardware version *#34#
    3. IPEI *#34# or *#06#
    4. IPDI *#34# or *#06#
    5. User ID *#34#

Upgrading spectralink phones + info

  • If you have a spectrlink cradle it makes it a lot easier
  • Use this software with the cradle to programme the phones
  • You will also need a TFTP server, I use Solarwinds, download from here SolarWindsTFTP or use (My mirror)
  • Tell the software which comms port the cradle is plugged into and fill in the needed fields
  • If you are just upgrading all you will need is:
  • IP address of phone, Subnet of network, IP address of TFTP server, Wireless SSID and Wep Key.
  • As you can see from the picture you fill this info in on the left handside
  • then copy with right arrow picto copy from left to right panel
  • choose “write to phone”
  • The phone wil then reboot and start looking at the specified IP for these files
  • Download Zipped