How to: Micollab Calendar integration

Here are some links i found in the manaual etc that have helped me with Calendar integration

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Micollab : Nupoint call detailed recording (CDR)

You want to turn on CDR reporting but the manual advises to choose options that are not available.

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How to : Retrieve voicemail messages from a Micollab backup

Rarely you need to un-delete a voicemail message. Or maybe you need to migrate users from one nupoint to another but not restore the whole backup

If you have a backup file from the Nupoint or Micollab then you can extract it from here

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Micollab Deployment test

When running a diagnostic test on the deployment profile it does three tests. The third test is checking for connection from to your micollab server on TCP port 36008 (through your MBG web proxy possibly)

You can test this manually via web browsing to this URL: FQDN of the Micollab server


The web page should show “{“msg”:”(200 OK)”}” Anything else means the connection is blocked

e.g “Incomplete response received from application” is a response i got when the port was blocked by the firewall