How to Hotdesk on 5604 SIP handset

Since version MCD6 you have been able to Hot desk with 5604 SIP handsets

I recently tried to setup this up and failed.

Below is what i changed to make it work.

The two important bits are “Local R key handling” & Coder = 20 MS & “Enable Supplementry services”

Also to change the handset into Hot desk you will need a WINPDM cradle with software

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How to remove or clear Alarms from RSS feed


Micontact centre  reports alarms in the RSS feed even after you have sorted the issue it is alarming about.

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SQLExpress – What to do when the database is near full




If SQL Express is used in the CCM/IQ environment, it imposes a 4gb capacity (or 10gb for SQLExpress 2008 R2) to each database. After a certain period of time, the database will fill up to its maximum. The amount of time until the maximum capacity is reach depends on the amount of the site traffic / amount of data collected or the amount of historical data present in the database.

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