How to Hotdesk on 5604 SIP handset

Since version MCD6 you have been able to Hot desk with 5604 SIP handsets

I recently tried to setup this up and failed.

Below is what i changed to make it work.

The two important bits are “Local R key handling” & Coder = 20 MS & “Enable Supplementry services”

Also to change the handset into Hot desk you will need a WINPDM cradle with software

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DTMF not working with AWV on 5000

Just installed latest MAS 6 with a 5000.

Unable to use the AWV as DTMF had no effect when dialing in.

Mitel advised us to change  DTMF Decoding Payload setting within IP Settings from 101 to 96, then reboot the system.

This worked.