Why do i get “incompatible set” on my 5410?

  • 5410 handsets are not supported on Ver 8.1 Basic mode

How to upgrade/downgrade with SD card reader

  • Note: Upgrading this way will not keep your custom audio files
  • Choose “Format IP Office SD card”
  • Choose “Recreate IP Office SD card” Choose “Alaw” (for UK)
  • BE PATIENT and wait for files to transfer, manager may say not responding
  • When it looks like it has finished, wait some more and another transfer will begin
  • You know when it it finished when a message of completion pops up
  • Dongle number is kept during upgrade/format of SD card

How do i reset phone to factory defaults?

  1. Reset phone=
  2. While phone booting press * when promted arounf the DHCP disco time
  3. Press # until you get to command prompt. then press either hold or mute. then type reset# E.G. 73738#
  4. Type R E S E T on the buttons to reset and C L E A R to clear don’t forget the # on the end