Micontact Centre Sql known issue V7.1.1.1. Table filling database. Reports empty.


All reports show as empty.  SQL DB shows as full


There is a known issue in version where one table starts growing very large


Showing table of size


You can check if yo have this problem by checking the disk usage in sql

how to see disk usage

Disk usage

If you see the Pie chart showing the database file as all purple then check the disk usage by table

disk usage by table

What i then did was read the contents of this table with this SQL command

sql command show contents of table

You can leave off the “Datekey” command. This will show you everything in the table. What  i saw is that one day millions of entries while other days had a few thousand.  I deleted that day and the SQL DB usage dropped by half

sql command to delete table contents

Then re-summarize the data into the SQL DB month by month check the size as you go. If it does go large again repeat the commands and find the offending day/time.

MOH or RAD on a 3300 WAV format


It had been a while since i had to make a new MOH file and i thought i knew the format the WAV file needed to be in.

The manual and google both say 8bit 8khz mono.

I could not get the file to upload successfully

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How to view the other plane on an SX2000


Recently i was looking at an SX2000 remotely and i noticed i was on the “inactive” plane.

I googled how to move to the other plane but all i could find was how to make the system “switch” to the other plane.

So once i found out how to i thought i would add it to my blog.

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How to use screened transfer on the nupoint


Recently i can across my first customer using “screened transfer”. The facility had stopped working correctly after an upgrade.

The calls were being transferred but no questions were being asked of the caller and the receiver of the call was not being asked if they would like to take the call.


After further upgrades and checks i was told that i should check the supervised transfer settings. It needs to be s+xg

screened transfer








screened transfer 2