MICC error Foreign Key Constraints



Problem: tblConfig_AgentGroupMembers : ForeignKeyConstraint tblConfig_AgentGroup_tblConfig_AgentGroupMembers_fk_constraint requires the child key values (d5dac6e3-f237-40bc-806b-2d9d4713c066) to exist in the parent table.

select * from tblConfig_AgentGroupMembers where FKAgentGroup like ‘d5dac6e3-f237-40bc-806b-2d9d4713c066’

Problem: Error: 2018-Jun-13 16:29:29.376   Synchronization failed – System.Data.ConstraintException: tblConfig_QueueAgentGroupMembers : ForeignKeyConstraint tblConfig_Queue_tblConfig_QueueAgentGroupMembers_fk_constraint requires the child key values (c3ca877f-85ca-41be-b3bc-bef09140752b) to exist in the parent table.

statement to find it: select * from tblConfig_QueueAgentGroupMembers where FKQueue like ‘c3ca877f-85ca-41be-b3bc-bef09140752b’

To remove change remove select * and replace with del

MICC unable to login to web page after upgrade/repair

I just upgraded MICC 8.1.1.- to all appeared to go well until i tried to login in to run some reports

The web paged showed an error advising the user didn’t have permission

The issue appears to be the account used for the application pool had been reset to default.

In default this is set to local system. It needs to be set to the account you are using for your services.

Right click on the PrairieFyre application pool and choose advanced settings. Scroll down and change the Identity.



Micontact Centre Sql known issue V7.1.1.1. Table filling database. Reports empty.


All reports show as empty.  SQL DB shows as full


There is a known issue in version where one table starts growing very large


Showing table of size


You can check if yo have this problem by checking the disk usage in sql

how to see disk usage

Disk usage

If you see the Pie chart showing the database file as all purple then check the disk usage by table

disk usage by table

What i then did was read the contents of this table with this SQL command

sql command show contents of table

You can leave off the “Datekey” command. This will show you everything in the table. What  i saw is that one day millions of entries while other days had a few thousand.  I deleted that day and the SQL DB usage dropped by half

sql command to delete table contents

Then re-summarize the data into the SQL DB month by month check the size as you go. If it does go large again repeat the commands and find the offending day/time.

SQLExpress – What to do when the database is near full




If SQL Express is used in the CCM/IQ environment, it imposes a 4gb capacity (or 10gb for SQLExpress 2008 R2) to each database. After a certain period of time, the database will fill up to its maximum. The amount of time until the maximum capacity is reach depends on the amount of the site traffic / amount of data collected or the amount of historical data present in the database.

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