Mitel CCC fails on upgrade


When starting the Contact centre client it fails or hangs on checking for upgrade


You can either stop the prairieFyre updater service on the client PC or modify the Registry on the client PC in HKEY_Local_Machine\software\wow6432Node\prairiefyre software Inc\CCM\Common\ClientsAutoUpdate and set this to False



You can uninstall the CCC client software and then you have two options

1) Via a Browser on the client PC, browse to http://IP Address of CCM Enterprise\ccmweb – Login as _admin and then click on Help \ Software Downloads\Installations\Software Downloads\ and then client on the Client Component Pack URL etc ..

2) On the CCM Enterprise Server, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\Websites\CCMWeb\Applications\ContactCenterClient\ file and then copy this onto the client PC and unzip / install the software ..

Please note that for option 1, this will install the GA version of the CCC Client ( and the updater service will then attempt to upgrade the software.  If the network is slow between the client / CCM Enterprise (across a WAN) then it can appear that the upgrade is failing, but the upgrade is just taking along time to complete.

Option 2 should be the latest CCC software version, so the updater will not attempt to upgrade the software


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