MBG daisy chaining

MBG – Installation and Maintenance Guide

Setting up Daisy Chained Servers

For geographically remote servers:

  1. Configure your upstream MBG server as usual (either Gateway or DMZ deployment).
  2. On the downstream server, use the MBG web interface to configure the following


  •  On the Configuration tab, select Network Profiles and then click Put Into

Daisychain Mode.

  • In the Daisy-Chain IP address field, enter the IP address of the upstream MBG


  •  Click Save.


  • Downstream server can be in either Gateway or DMZ deployment mode.
  • Add sets and configuration changes to the upstream server only.

For remote offices with high volume of remote sets:

This scenario can be configured in one of the following two ways:

  1. Remote (downstream) office uses an MBG server operating in Gateway mode as the Internet firewall.
  2. Remote office has a separate firewall and runs the MBG server in DMZ mode.

In either case the configuration described under For geographically remote servers should be
done on the downstream server.

Note: There is no restriction on the location of remote sets – they do not have to be on
the LAN side of the server. So it is possible (and may be desirable) to have Internet MBG
sets also point to the downstream server to maintain local streaming with sets on the
remote LAN.

mbg daisychain2


mbg daisychain

How to access the 3300 console via IP

Want to issue command to the 3300 via IP instead of a serial cable?

Issue commands such as:

Restart Web server or restart the FTFP server or restart the embedded voicemail

You will need a terminal emulator, i use putty

Use the settings below, change the IP to match your controller obviously.

You will need the same credentials you use to log onto the web page .

Putty main page
















putty IP

How to access the 3300 console with a serial cable

You will need a 9 pin Null modem lead

Connect it to the front of the controller serial port on the left of the front.

Open your terminal emulator, I use putty


putty main page serial















Change the settings as below making sure to choose the correct com port on your laptop/PC

Putty serial















No credentials needed when using Serial connection.