Prairiefyre CCM firewall ports

Complete list of Prairiefyre CCM firewall ports, including



Port number

Installer fails on Component Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Libraries (x86)

Installer fails on Component Visual C 2010 Runtime Libraries (x86)
The Installer fails with the following error: Component Visual C 2010 Runtime Libraries (x86) has
failed to install with the following error message: “Asia”
This has been encountered both on client and server installations.

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Error 1720 when installing the Client Component Pack

When trying to install the Client Component Pack you encounter error 1720.


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CCM miXML wont connect to 3300

  • When your CCM wont connect to your 3300 with miXML you can use DirecttoPBX
  • Stop the Data Synchronization service
  • Open the file prairieFyre.Services.DataSynchronizationService.exe.config
  • C:\Program Files\prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\Services\DataSynchronizationService
  • Set the value for DirectToPbx to true
  • Stop the Configuration service
  • Open the file ConfigService.exe.config
  • C:\Program Files\prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\Services\ConfigService
  • Set the value for DirectToPbx to true

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Forgot/Lost admin password or account on CCM/vCSM

  1. Run “SQL server management studio” and login
  2. Browes to “Databases/CCMData/Programmability/Stored Procedures/”
  3. Find “dbo.proc_Config_Employee_CreateAdminAccount”
  4. right click on this and select execute stored procedure.
  5. Enter a 1 in the value field then OK it.
  6. This should now create a user default admin employee called _admin _password

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Why wont my vCCM collect any ACD data or SMDR data?

  1. Make sure the correct computer name is entered in “This media server is installed on the computer you named …..”
  2. Check the registry setting “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\Common”
  3. Reboot server
  4. If still no good re-run the configuration wizard making no changes
  5. Note: Non 64bit OS miss out the “wow6432node” bit

vCCM-machinename vCCM-Machinename-yoursite vCCM-RegeditMachinename