CCM miXML wont connect to 3300

    • When your CCM wont connect to your 3300 with miXML you can use DirecttoPBX
    • Stop the Data Synchronization service
    • Open the file prairieFyre.Services.DataSynchronizationService.exe.config
    • C:\Program Files\prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\Services\DataSynchronizationService
    • Set the value for DirectToPbx to true
    • Stop the Configuration service
    • Open the file ConfigService.exe.config
    • C:\Program Files\prairieFyre Software Inc\CCM\Services\ConfigService
    • Set the value for DirectToPbx to true

  • add key=”LoggingLevel” value =”4″
  • add key=”MixmlServerPort” value=”18000″/
  • add key=”DirectToPbx” value=”true”/
    • NOTE: For CCM versions 5.6 GA and later, the config file is a little different and will look like the following:
  • setting name=”DirectToPbx” serializeAs=”String”
  • valueTrue/value
  • /setting
  • setting name=”MixmlServicePort” serializeAs=”String”
  • value 18000/value
  • /setting
  • Once these configuration changes are made you will need to restart the Configuration service, and ensure that Data Sync restarts (if it is already stopped no action is necessary.)

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