Installer fails on Component Visual C++ 2010 Runtime Libraries (x86)

Installer fails on Component Visual C 2010 Runtime Libraries (x86)
The Installer fails with the following error: Component Visual C 2010 Runtime Libraries (x86) has
failed to install with the following error message: “Asia”
This has been encountered both on client and server installations.

The machine has a newer version of the Visual C installed than the one packaged with our
For a client computer: Run C:\CIS_6.0\ga\Client\Client Component Pack.msi to install the CCP
without checking pre-requisite components first.
For a server: Run C:\CIS_6.0GA\src\Enterprise Server.msi to install CCM without checking prerequisite components first.
NOTE: When installing using the MSI file, you will bypass a number of components needed for the
installation. You must ensure that all these pre-requisite components are installed
manually before you do this. They can be found in the C:\CIS_6.0\ and the subfolder for your
particular update.
There is no fix for this issue, as it is a limitation of the Microsoft installer when it encounters a
newer version of the same Runtime Libraries.
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