Forgot/Lost admin password or account on CCM/vCSM

  1. Run “SQL server management studio” and login
  2. Browes to “Databases/CCMData/Programmability/Stored Procedures/”
  3. Find “dbo.proc_Config_Employee_CreateAdminAccount”
  4. right click on this and select execute stored procedure.
  5. Enter a 1 in the value field then OK it.
  6. This should now create a user default admin employee called _admin _password

If that doesn’t help you can try set an exisitng user to supervisor

  1. Run “SQL server management studio” and login
  2. Browes to “Databases/CCMData/Tables/dbo.tblConfig_Attributes_User_Employee”
  3. Right click on “Databases/CCMData/Tables/dbo.tblConfig_Attributes_User_Employee” and choose “Select top 1000 rows”
  4. This will show all the “employees” in the CCM (Very helpful)
  5. Now browes to “Databases/CCMData/Tables/dbo.tblConfig_Employee”
  6. Right click on “Databases/CCMData/Tables/dbo.tblConfig_Employee” and choose “Select top 1000 rows”
  7. Find the user you want to make Supervisor/Administrator
  8. This one will show you the users first name and last name. You need this later
  9. Now goto to “New Query” (top left of SQL server manager)
  10. This should give you a blank page
  11. To find if any “employee’s” have supervisor rights – select * from dbo.tblConfig_Employee where supervisorlicensetype = ‘2’
  12. If a user has this access type then it will be displayed in a new window below
  13. If no user has this access and you can not logon to “your Site Explorer” then…
  14. Start a new query (or comment the ealier one out with — infront) and type update dbo.tblConfig_Employee set SupervisorLicenseType = ‘2’ where FirstName = ‘??????’
  15. Replace ??? with the employee firstname you found ealier
  16. Now you could re-run the ealier search/query for a employee with a supervisor license to check that this user is displayedCCM-Re-createdefaultloginP3 CCM-Re-createdefaultloginP1 CCM-Re-createdefaultloginP2 SQL-listemployee3 SQL-listemployee SQL-listemployee2


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