How to : Retrieve voicemail messages from a Micollab backup

Rarely you need to un-delete a voicemail message. Or maybe you need to migrate users from one nupoint to another but not restore the whole backup

If you have a backup file from the Nupoint or Micollab then you can extract it from here

Open the backup.tgz in WINRAR

Browse to folder /home/e-smith/npmBackup and open the TAR file

This opens a new WINRAR window

Browse to /usr/vm/tmp/npm_db/speech_backup

I havent deciphered the file name strucher yet but it does appear that some files have the extension number referenced

E.G. extension greeting and name for 57209 i found in speech_backup209

You can use the find facility in WINRAR to look for files with your extension number in them

Once you have the file that you suspect is the voicemail message you want. Extract it to a local folder and add the file extension “VOX”

Then use this software to play/convert it

I tried to play the vox files in media player but it is an old format and is not supported

I also tried in switch sound converter but that played the message very distorted

Hope this helps


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