Micollab Deployment test mcdiagnostics.easydeploy.net

When running a diagnostic test on the deployment profile it does three tests. The third test is checking for connection from to your micollab server on TCP port 36008 (through your MBG web proxy possibly)

You can test this manually via web browsing to this URL: https://mcdiagnostics.easydeploy.net/ucawebsocket/?ucahost=The FQDN of the Micollab server

e.g. https://mcdiagnostics.easydeploy.net/ucawebsocket/?ucahost=micollab.pmhaynes.co.uk

The web page should show “{“msg”:”(200 OK)”}” Anything else means the connection is blocked

e.g “Incomplete response received from application” is a response i got when the port was blocked by the firewall

Where can i download the Micollab PC client application from?

  • The Micollab client location is included in the welcome email or the deployment email as long as the email template has been edited by the installer to include the link
  • You can also download it direct from your Micollab server
  • The Legacy app (version 7.3 and below) is available from https://FQDN/ucs/dl/UnifiedCommunicatorAdvanced.msi (CaSe SeNsItIve)
  • The Next Gen app (version 8.0 and above) is available from https://FQDN/ucs/dl/micollab_pc.msi (CaSe SeNsItIve)
  • Skype for business plugin – https://FQDN/ucs/dl/MitelMivoiceForLync.msi (CaSe SeNsItIve)


You can also download the lastest Micollab client direct from Mitel here

You can also extract the RPM for Mitel server from the ISO MiCollab PC Client 9.8.21.iso.

Once downloaded extract the package (unzip) so you have a default folder called “Software”

Click on the “Software” folder -> 6000MAS ->┬áBlade-MiCollab_PCClient-X.X.XX-XX.noarch -> packages – several individual packages will be visible now.

Micollab: Voicemail to email troubleshooting.

After adding your email server IP/FQDN in email settings you have left some test voicemails but no email arrives!

You check the “qmail.current” log under “View log files” and find the issue, whew. How ever, now you are left with lots of failed voicemail to email messages in the qmail buffer which you dont want to be sent to the users

How do i delete unwanted emails from the qmail queues?

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