IPhone IOS 13 & 14 not registering to Micollab server

There is a known issue on Micollab server version 7.x and 8.x where the Micollab mobile client is failing to register to the Micollab server when used on an Iphone with IOS v13 or v14

The work around is:

Due to increased iphone security in later ios releases, the iphones are having issues registering softphones using FQDN’s

It was necessary to change the following deployment profile settings in order to get the IPhone to register the softphone.

Instead of the MBG SIP host being set as standard to:

It was necessary to change this to customer and add the external IP of the teleworker:

Also on the Teleworker server, in MBG – SIP options:

It was required to add the Micollab FQDN in the section below: Allowed URL names.

We then redeployed and the IPhone was able to register the softphone.

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