Micollab: Voicemail to email not being sent

So you enabled FCOS option 289 UM-SMTP but no emails arrived when voicemail are left.

You have added email server details in this form:

Add you have checked the “qmail/current” logs but there is no entry showing failed email or successful email.

Why didn’t it try to send an email!

As with any question there can be more than once answer

The answer that i found, that i hadnt seen before, was due to the username not being enter in this form

This customer DIDN’T need the Micollab to authenticate the SMTP connection to send emails, so no username or password was entered.

This worked fine for welcome emails or deployment emails but voicemail to email emails didnt work

In this case the Nupoint SmartHost Configuration was set to “use the mail server User ID”

Well, it appears that, if you dont have a user ID set then the Micollab gives no error and doesn’t send the email.

So I set this customer to use tthe other option of “let Nupoint determine the “From” address”

The from address is then the CLI of the caller who left the voice mail

If all your emails are from “unknown” then you are missing some FCOS options to record the CLI.

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