How to connect Polycom Soundstation 5000

Brief notes on how to install a Polycom Soundstation 5000 on a Mitel 3300

First off check what version the 3300 is running. SIP was introduced in ICP 7.1

Secondly check check if you have either a SIP user license (pre MCD 4.1) or a spare User license(post MCD4.1)

Plug in Polycom unit and wait for it to finish loading. It will complain about no TFTP server but it will continue to load its current software.


When it is finsihed loading you should be left with date and time flashing

Use the menus to find out the current IP address.

Default password = 123


Once you have foind the IP adress web browse to it and use

Default Logon U=Polycom (case sensitive) and  P=456

From here fill in the “SIP” form with the IP address of the ICP and the SIP port 5060

Then fill in the “Line” form with same info using the extension number in the obvious fields as well as in the LABEL field. (Wont work with out the extension number in the Label field)


Next we come to the “Digit MAP” This will be different depending on what country you are in.

By default it was setup as North America and limited the amount of digits before dialing to 10.

I changed this to 12 (as i was dialing 9 as well as an 11 digit phone number)

The default Digit map worked fine for 4 digit internal extensions

Basially just add or remove the “x” to make it the correct amount.

If you would like to take a deeper look i found this document on a blog which helped me.


[2-9]11|0T|011xxx.T [0-1][2-9]xxxxxxxxx|RR1R[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|RR1615RxxxxxxxT|[2-9]xxT|*xx

Just to parse:

  • [2-9]11 – immediately dial any x11 number (other than 111)
  • 0T – automatically dial the operator when 0 is dialed, after T seconds
  • 011xxx.T – dial international calls (where the 011 prefix is dialed) after T seconds
  • [0-1][2-9]xxxxxxxxx – immediately dial long distance calls (where the 0, or 1 prefix is dialed)
  • RR1R[2-9]xxxxxxxxx – automatically prepend a “1” to (and then dial) any xxx-xxx-xxxx number
  • RR1615RxxxxxxxT – automatically prepend a “1” and area code “615” to (and then dial) any xxx-xxxx number, after T seconds
  • [2-9]xxT – auto dial any three digit extension after T seconds (add another x for four digit extensions)
  • *xx – immediately dial any *xx code (for example *98 to access voicemail)

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