Micollab test Active directory connection

Just had this issue where the Micollab no longer connects to the customers active directory server.

The test to try and prove the connection is working is done from the console

Via putty for example

openssl s_client -showcerts -connect {AD Server}:636

Standalone-NuPoint to NuPoint-MiCollab migration

In the release notes for MiCollab version there is a small section on migrating standalone nupoint to micllab nupoint

It appears there are some scripts but these are available from Mitel professional services. Not freely downloadable

How to download MCAClient-admin.exe from MiCollab server

When installing the MiCollab client you are also prompted to install the Mitel Collaboration Advanced client (MCA). If you are using a teminal server or citrix you may wish to install the app into a standard location rather than c:/users/username/appdata…..

To do this you will need the MCAClient-admin.exe file rather than the MCAC-launcher that you get fro the MCA website.

I could find the file on the server under


but wanted to web browse to that file to download it.

Could find it for 10 minutes and didn’t know how to scan the website fro downloads.

Finally found it in the audio web conferencing user help manual


MICR – How to: Delete MICR users when in sync with Active directory


Create a new DWORD called AllowDeleteUsers and set the value to 1 under:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Computer Telephony Solutions\ActiveDirectoryIntegration

Or for 32 bit system

If you set this DWORD registry value to 1 (at the server), and then login from call recording admin, you´ll find you´re able to delete an AD-imported user:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Computer Telephony Solutions\ActiveDirectoryIntegration\AllowDeleteUsers


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MICC error Foreign Key Constraints



Problem: tblConfig_AgentGroupMembers : ForeignKeyConstraint tblConfig_AgentGroup_tblConfig_AgentGroupMembers_fk_constraint requires the child key values (d5dac6e3-f237-40bc-806b-2d9d4713c066) to exist in the parent table.

select * from tblConfig_AgentGroupMembers where FKAgentGroup like ‘d5dac6e3-f237-40bc-806b-2d9d4713c066’

Problem: Error: 2018-Jun-13 16:29:29.376   Synchronization failed – System.Data.ConstraintException: tblConfig_QueueAgentGroupMembers : ForeignKeyConstraint tblConfig_Queue_tblConfig_QueueAgentGroupMembers_fk_constraint requires the child key values (c3ca877f-85ca-41be-b3bc-bef09140752b) to exist in the parent table.

statement to find it: select * from tblConfig_QueueAgentGroupMembers where FKQueue like ‘c3ca877f-85ca-41be-b3bc-bef09140752b’

To remove change remove select * and replace with del