How to solve DB corruption

We have all seen the dreaded DB corruption Major alarm

When i have seen this in the past i have been advised, by Mitel, to backup and restore the DB.

This time i thought i would check a few things first

Ran the useual GDM check and then GDM check repair

Downloaded the output file from the MSL and corrected any issues shown

then i ran the DBMS check Full command

This shows me 1 table error. But which table

Well if you check the software logs after runing th eDBMS check, it tells you which form has the issue!

The logs showsed me it was pickup group 154 ID 5 causing the issue

Checked that pickup group. nothing obvious.

Maybe ID 5 ment member 5. Well there wasnt a member 5

So i removed all memebers turned off cluster enabeld on that pickup group only

turned cluster back on and added the memeber back in

re-ran dbms check full whcih reported 1 table errro at the start of the check but at the bottom when it finished it reported zero table errors.

checked the alarms and DB corrution alarm had been removed

Hope this helps someone else

check this post for more info on the db corruption log file

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