How do i trouble shoot SIP trunks on Mitel Border Gateway (MBG)?

  1. Type this in on putty root logon
  2. tcpdump -s0 -i eth0 -w testsip.pcap  .Useful examples
  3. eth0 is the NIC, if you have two NIC’s in your MBG then you may want to use eth1
  4. Start it running before making test call and stop it running after with “Control C”
  5. then sftp it with winsftp and open testsip.pcap in wireshark   (my mirror –winscp517setup)
  6. Also on MCD 5.0 and above you can now do “Sip TCPDump on/off” in the maintanence commands
  7. This creates a file in the “vmail” directory on the mitel
  8. Ftp to the mitel which will put you in the “sysro” directory.
    You need to go one directory up to get the the vmail directory
  9. Same logon to FTP as phone system

Note Gamma Tech Support number = 0808 178 8000 option 1, 1, 2


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