Using putty as a socks5 proxy

You can use the MBG to VPN to a customers network but this is another trick in your box.

From your office putty into the external address of the MBG

(This has to be allowed in the remote access section of MSL)

Setup tunnels in Putty, see below, copy this and click Add. Make sure to choose “dynamic” and “Auto”




As some of the Mitel kit requires Internet explorer(IE) i will use it as my example.

In IE choose internet options, connections,LAN settings



Now you can web browse to any web site on the customer network, including the 3300, MBG, Nupoint, ETC

How to CHECKSUM a file

Recently i have had a couple of bad downloads from the Mitel download site. Unfortunatley i did not know until i came to use the ISO.

Mitel Provide the CHECKSUM number for all there downloads.

To find the CHECKSUM of a file you will need to download one of the many UTILS available

I use Microsoft’s Checker

This will give you two files FCIV.exe is the useful one.

Open a command prompt

Drop the FCIV.exe file into the command prompt window then type ” -add ”

Then drag and drop the ISO you want the CHECKSUM of into the CMD window

It should look something like this


Then press enter and it when finsihed it will look like this (length of time depends on how big the file is)


Now check that number against the number displayed on the download page of MITEL next to the download link

How to mount ISO as CDROM

This is useful for vMAS. Instead of transfering the ISO to the datastore of your VMWARE server, tranfer it to the mas via SFTP then mount the iso with these command.

I use it when installing the Nupoint DVD_2.

Procedure to mount ISO images under Linux

1) You must login as a root user, if not root user then switch to root user using following command:
$ su -

2) Create the directory i.e. mount point:
# mkdir -p /mnt/cdrom

3) Use mount command as follows to mount iso file called disk1.iso:
# mount -o loop disk1.iso /mnt/cdrom

4) Change directory to list files stored inside an ISO image:
# cd /mnt/cdrom
# ls -l

5) When finished you can unmount the cdrom
# umount /cdrom

More about loop device

A loop device is a pseudo-device that makes a file accessible as a block device. Loop devices are often used for CD ISO images and floppy disc images. Mounting a file containing a filesystem via such a loop mount makes the files within that filesystem accessible. They appear in the mount point directory using above commands

How to use UCA remotly with a Desk Phone

This has changed in version 6 UCA

  1. First you need an Mitel Border Gateway (MBG) with Web proxy
  2. In Ver5.0 you programme the client as softphone as well as the normal desk phone
  3. Programme the soft phone DN as any free number and enter the MBG external IP address
  4. Click “Retreive the certificate” and get the administrator to approve the certificate in the MBG
  5. After cert has been “approved” you should get a message telling you so in the UCA client
  6. In the MBG add a minet user with the DN you used in the client

UCA-RemoteProxyServices UCA-Certificate UCA-EnableTeleworker

How do i use putty on a MITEL Standard Linux server (MSL)?

  1. Download putty from here   (My mirror ) putty
  2. Under host name enter ip address of MSL server
  3. Set connection type to SSH
  4. Hit open
  5. Accept certificate
  6. Use “admin” account to see console or “root” account for trouble shooting.
  7. Same password for both accounts you entered on install of MSL
Console of MSL

Console of MSL

Root login of MSL

Root login of MSL










Putty interface

Putty interface