How to change certificate on MSL

If you have a pfx file you will need to decrypt it  (unless you are on the latest version on MSL)

If the file was named wildcard certificate the instructions would be something like the below

You will need the password to decrypt the pfx file. This was created the same time as the certificate

When installing the certificate you will need three files

the key.pem , cert.pem and the intermediate cert.

You get the intermediate file from the certificate provider. If then you can find them  here


You need to run these commands on the msl server logged on as root.

If you have never used putty to ssh on to the msl before you can look at my how to post here



openssl pkcs12 -in “Wildcard Certificate.pfx” -out certificate.cer -nodes

openssl pkcs12 -in “Wildcard Certificate.pfx” -nocerts -out key.pem -nodes

openssl pkcs12 -in “Wildcard Certificate.pfx” -nokeys -out cert.pem

openssl rsa -in key.pem -out server.key




You can Check that the certificate is correctly installed by going to



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