Stop caller from hearing menu after leaving voicemail


Caller arrives at voicemail to leave a message when they have finished leaving a message the Nupoint gives them options to leave another message or return to the operator.

Of course in certain situations you don’t want callers to go through to the operator. E.G. Out of working hours

Action Plan/Workaround:

Each mailbox is given a FCOS number (Feature Class of Service)

This controls what it can and cannot do.

The menu of options is controlled using FCOS bit 5, remove this and the menu will not play,

as well as FCOS another option in needed but you have to change it using the text based console

log in via ssh and bring up the Nupoint console (if you done know how to do this check out this post)

Once logged in follow these options (see below of pictures)

S>>R >>R >> E (Modify Active Configuration)

then M to modify, then  (M) Allow multiple messages for outside caller (y/n) = [Y]

set this to “no”


nupont console mainmenu

nupoint after pressing s

nupoint after pressing r

nupoint after pressing r again

nupoint after pressing e

nupoint after pressing m

nupoint after pressing m again

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