How to CHECKSUM a file

Recently i have had a couple of bad downloads from the Mitel download site. Unfortunatley i did not know until i came to use the ISO.

Mitel Provide the CHECKSUM number for all there downloads.

To find the CHECKSUM of a file you will need to download one of the many UTILS available

I use Microsoft’s Checker

This will give you two files FCIV.exe is the useful one.

Open a command prompt

Drop the FCIV.exe file into the command prompt window then type ” -add ”

Then drag and drop the ISO you want the CHECKSUM of into the CMD window

It should look something like this


Then press enter and it when finsihed it will look like this (length of time depends on how big the file is)


Now check that number against the number displayed on the download page of MITEL next to the download link

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