How to enable “dial back” feature on NUpoint

  1. To give the mailbox user an option to dial back the person who left them a voicemail…
  2. Create a new FCOS and tick the following FCOS features: 270 Enable Dial-Back Feature
  3. Allows users to dial back a caller who leaves a voice mail.
  4. Used in conjunction with feature bits
  5. 263 (Store Caller Line Id as a phone or mailbox number )
  6. 264 (Play outside caller user interface (with FCOS bit 280))
  7. and 280 (Enable CLI outside caller interface (with FCOS bit 264))
  8. to enable the Dial-back feature.
  9. Dont forget to allocate the new FCOS to the mailboxes that rewuested the feature
  10. The voicemail ports will need to have the correct COR on the 3300 to allow outgoing calls

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