How to enable “Record a call” feature on Nupoint”

  • 3300 Programming
    1. Create some Record a call ports (RAC)
    2. Device type 5420 with the same COS settings as the voicemail ports
    3. Add the RAC ports to the same huntgroup as the voicemail ports (put them at the end)
    4. Create another hunt group, circular, with just the RAC ports, type recorder
    5. Programme a RAC button under the phones that want to use this feature
    6. Add the COS option “RAC Active=yes” to the phones COS
    7. There are more RAC features in the COS enable as required

*This way the ports can still be used by the voicemail but only after all others are used

  • Nu point programming
    1. Firstly make sure you have the license
    2. You need a normal voicemail line group with the RAC ports last
    3. Customise a FCOS to include the RAC feature bit 291
    4. For MAS deloyments add the feature bit 14
    5. Assign the FCOS to all the mailboxes that will use the RAC feature

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