Mitel MCD Backup fail, voice mail error


When trying to backup your config to file or FTP it fails.

On checking of the logs you see…

Backup starts, Block state enabled
Database integrity checked and passes with success
Source iPVM MUI Utility Library
Description Error – Setting a System Misc Function->Function failed to complete successfully. : 1
iPVM adapter: error accessing miscellaneous function
iPVM adapter: Error backing up voicemail database
BR Manager: BR_Manager->avs backup fail for /vmail/temp/db/backup with opt 0x20

This is due to one or more of the voice mail ports being in a locked state. (permanently busy)

Busy reset command does not work on none hot desk users


What worked for me was running a “state extension xxxx” command on each port which showed me which were busy or idle

Once i had a list of busy ports i waited 5 minutes and re ran test.

The ports that continued to show busy i ran a “busy extension xxxx”

It will then ask you if you want to “force” the busy or “courtesy” (wait for post to become available)

You should “force”.

Then check the busy port to see if it now idle.


If so try the backup again.


I have seen it reported that stopping and starting the voice mail system with these commands also fixes this issue.


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