MICR – How to: Delete MICR users when in sync with Active directory


Create a new DWORD called AllowDeleteUsers and set the value to 1 under:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Computer Telephony Solutions\ActiveDirectoryIntegration

Or for 32 bit system

If you set this DWORD registry value to 1 (at the server), and then login from call recording admin, you´ll find you´re able to delete an AD-imported user:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Computer Telephony Solutions\ActiveDirectoryIntegration\AllowDeleteUsers


2 thoughts on “MICR – How to: Delete MICR users when in sync with Active directory

  1. I logged a ticket with Mitel about this and the registry entry was the first thing they suggested. It didn’t work. A few weeks later they said that you have to open the DB with SQL Management Studio and delete the users from there. That worked. I mentioned this on the MiVCR training course and was advised that it was an incomplete feature so try to avoid using it if possible. Won’t be making the mistake of using AD sync again!

    • Must admit it’s not the best…. but customer seems happy with it at the moment and it sure was quicker than typing 1400 users name and passwords in and the users like the software logging in with their domain credentials.

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