Micollab Exchange intergration

If you are having issue with the Micollab client showing when you are in a meeting that is set in your outlook client then you need to check this log file.

Log into the Micollab server using putty. If you don’t know how see my other post here

The log file is located in


You can use “Nano” or “Tail” to look at this log

“Tail” will show you the last x amount of lines and also shows you live entries as they happen.

Also you can check manually by running this command from the console


curl -v –insecure –basic -u ‘user:password’ -d ” https://FQDN of exchange server/EWS/Exchange.asmx

404 error does not mean it is not working

This command should NOT return 401/403 response codes. If it does, then you may
need to enable Basic/Digest authentication on the Exchange server. More specifically,
look at the HTTP headers shown in the curl response. The WWW-Authenticate headers
should contain Basic and/or Digest (for example, WWW-Authenticate: Digest
qop=”auth”,… OR WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm=”10.101…). If the
response has only NTLM header (such as WWW-Authenticate: NTLM), then your
Exchange server is configured for only NTLM.

The curl command may show a 500 response, which
is acceptable. It should not show a 401/403 response.


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