Help with Micollab problem report / feedback.log

When you have issues with a Micollab client Mitel will ask you for the logs from the server and the client. What log files to check before sending them to Mitel?

To easily collect the client logs you can ask the user to send a “probelm report” from the Micollab application.

On the Mobile app it is called “send diagnostics” and can be found by swipping left to right and choosing settings/general/send diagnostics

In the legacy PC application it is found under configuration

After clicking on either of these a window appears for the suer to enter details of what the issue is etc. The information entered here will be included in the logs

So where do these “problem reports” go. How do we get them?

The client zips up a number of local PC/mobile phone logs and uploads them to the Micollab server.

You can download them from /logs/feedback/date_time_username

Once you have downloaded and unzipped/RAR’d them you will see lots of files. I dont know what 99% of them do but the few i check are in the client folder


Shows you lots of useful info including, verison number of the client, IP address(s), .NET version, memory amount and the users information they typed in when creating the “problem report”

I find the IP info useful as you can tell if they are using WIFI or Wired network or even VPN shows in here


This one will show you crash reports, see picture, very useful. This example appears to hsow an issue with UCA.exe and .NET 4.0

There are known issue in which should be upgraded to with the latest .NET 4.8 (at the time of writing)


You will have multiple of these logs UCA.0.log etc

In this example you can see the user VPN dropped meaning the client saw an IP change from the VPN IP to the local home LAN IP. This might be why the call dropped!

Both those IP address in this log were also shown in the summary log. The interface name was helpfully called the VPN software name.

Most of this information in the log is beyond me and is for mitel to decipher

Use you know of a document which helps us understand these logs, then please message me and share

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