Enable EDT trace to file

1]Enable the tracing

In maintenance, type, edt trace tsp l2l3
Example of response:

HDLC CC on link 5 trace enable .

HDLC VERBOSE on link 5 trace enable .

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How to use screened transfer on the nupoint


Recently i can across my first customer using “screened transfer”. The facility had stopped working correctly after an upgrade.

The calls were being transferred but no questions were being asked of the caller and the receiver of the call was not being asked if they would like to take the call.


After further upgrades and checks i was told that i should check the supervised transfer settings. It needs to be s+xg

screened transfer








screened transfer 2


TIM Call logger SMDR options for 3300

Configuring your SMDR output

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Oaisys E1 Audio PCI-E board

Found some useful settings today which i don’t think are in the manual.

There is a control applet in the control panel.

audio board 1


With this you can change the card from T1 to E1, aswell as some codec options.

If you leave the card in default it will show T1 Oaisys.

To change to E1 ports you need to open the applet and set as below.

audio card control 1

audio card control 2

audio card control 3

audio card control 4


Visual voice in MiCollab client and NUpoint

Just had an issue where some of the MiCollab clients could not see their voicemails in the visual voice window.

I knew I had it set correctly as all accounts were using same licenses and FCOS

The client icon would change in the system tray and a tape reel icon would appear in the top right hand of the client but know message in the window

Besides this issue the client worked fine

What I eventually found out was that all clients that were working had Windows Media Player installed. WMP.

I saw in the release notes that it is a pre-requisite

The “N” version of windows does not have MWP installed in default but I believe you can add it on manually

The version the customer had was “Enterprise” but it had no WMP. May be a custom install image was used.

Mitel 3300 Java wont allow backups


The new versions of JAVA wont allow you to connect to web sites with self assigned certificates.

Mitel java backup error3




Mitel java backup error2



Mitel java backup error



Open the JAVA config programme

java config

Click “Edit site list”

java config-edit list

Add the https:// address of the 3300 ( Must be https)

java config-edit list2Click Add, then OK until application closed.

Now you will be able to take a backup



How to use “tail” in MSL log files

Have you ever needed to look at the last entries in a log file.

Of course you have.

For example you want to see the last errors in the /var/logs/mail.log file

If you open it with NANO or some other txt editing programme you will have to scroll all the way to the bottom.

AND if more entries are logged while you are already in the file you will not see them!

This is a pain

“Tail” is very useful because in its simplest form

tail /var/logs/mail.log

It will show you the last 10 lines of txt form the log file

If you add the -f command it will follow the file. Meaning if any lines are added to the log file they will appear real time

tail -f /var/logs/mail.log

Use the “-F” option to force tail to follow file names rather than file objects. This can prevent problems with log rotation and other programs that may alter file names.

Filter Lines in Followed Logs with grep

The grep tool can be combined with tail to filter the contents of a log file in real time. Consider the following examples:

tail -F procmail.log | grep -e “^Subject”
tail -F access.log | grep “404″
In the first command, only the lines of the procmail.log file that begin with the characters “Subject” are printed. All other lines are discarded.

In the second invocation, only entries from the access log that contain the characters “404″ will be printed. All other lines are discarded.

-n, –lines=N
output the last N lines, instead of the last 10

–retry, keep trying to open a file even if it is inaccessible when tail starts or if it becomes inaccessible later  useful only with -f

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